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Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday Party Night

Saturday night.

Went to Louie's place to celebrate his birthday.
I think it's his 26th birthday if I'm not mistaken.
Or as I remembered his answer when I asked him with his age.
Went there together with Armani and Kich after rest day OT.
Together with their fellow TLs and some agents, booze night again.
Kwentuhan, Inisan, Asaran, Lokohan at madami pang iba!:)
Someone asked me for my age, I said I'm 23, then he told me that when he first saw me, he thought I was 19 years old!
Really? Literally?
I look that young?:)
It's nice to hear that I look young, I mean too young for my age.
Oh well,
Wasn't able to stay that long as I need to go to another party.
Actually, it's not my plan nadin to go to another party talaga, since I'm there na at Louie's party.
Then my friends called me and ask me to go there na lang din daw.

So yeah, left the birthday party around 12.30AM and went to Kudos, Metrowalk, where my Elementary friends are waiting for me.
Celebrated Kat Bower's despedida party.
Well, still a despedida party though there's a bit of a problem.

Mark, Rea and Me

Pao and Kaan

Kitz, Chen and Kat

Me, Kat, Mark, Paolo, Kaan, Rea and Chie

Last saw them at our reunion held last 2009 at Home Depot.
Time really do fly so fast!
Photos were grabbed from Kat Bower's facebook account.
Party ended around 3AM.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm awkward, clumsy, shy, strange...but this is me.

That basically says it all!
I might be too quiet at times, it's just that I prefer to listen rather than do the talking.
Also, ask my friends, they might not even believe you.
I may look like "mataray", but it's just an appearance.
I'm not that hopeless romantic though!
I tripped, bumped on to edges, have scratches and so on, just literally clumsy.
I don't get mad easily, but when I do, that's one hella of a fight.
I can get easily annoyed, irritated and pissed, that's just it, but I can easily be pleased as well.
I can be as straight-forward as you would want.
I will not stay nor talk to you, if I don't like you.
I will not complicate things and make everyone believe that we're okay.
If I don't like someone, I will tell you!
I prefer to keep my own problem until I know I can, I don't want people to worry about me.
No one will ever notice except for my real friends.

That's just an overview.
Ask my friends, they knew me better.:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5th year Black and White Party

Celebrated account's 5th year anniversary with a theme of a Black and White Party last 4 Sept 2011 at White House.

Party officially starts at 6:00PM and ends at 9:00PM.

Arrived around 5:30PM, hoping to help Armani out with the preparation prior the party. Unfortunately, wasn't able to be of help.:)

And due to heavy rain that night, the stage was moved inside.

To start with, dinner was served immediately as the host announced that the party officially begins.
Food was great, except that I don't eat tofu.

As I finished my plate, we went inside for the photo booth, but since the line for the photo booth started to pile up, we then started to take pictures first from the camera.

Kuya Mervin on the far left, Ben, Me, RJ, Criz, Buli, Louie and Hofi at the top.

The hosts for the night were Boss Kirk (My Team Manager), Boss Em, and Armani.

Different stage performances as well from different groups.

Team Angel went first.

Followed by the Work Force.

Then the Training and Quality.

Then the TLs handled by Boss Abi.

And lastly from the UK team.

I don't know if I miss any performances while on the photo booth.:)

For once, all agents were off the phones for 2 hours as they close the line from 7:00PM-9:00PM so that all agents who have shifts will be able to attend the party as well.

In between awardings and raffles, while Armani is free from organizing the party, we took some shots for the *Vheckies* (BBM group).

Kich, Armani, Criz, me and Buli with the serious pose.

And the famous "nganga" pose.:)

Party ended at 9:00PM, some agents went home, go to their own after party agendas, went back to take calls again, while for some, stayed for some post party booze and pictures.

Boss Mik, me, Armani, Boss Abi, Boss Jigz, and Boss ... (literally lost, as I forgot her name again. sorry.)

A party held for both agents and non-agents to enjoy and have a good time, pre-ramp and also to celebrate account's 5th year anniversary.
GM, OM, STM, TMs, TLs and agents are present on this photo.
(3 lang pala kaming agents sa picture na to, the rest are non-agents.)

I remembered Boss Angel asking for cameras or pictures as she prepared her dress for the night and sayang daw ang outfit!:)
(Criz, me, April, Boss Angel, Mik, and Buli)

As posted on my Twitter, "The party was great! but the after party was a blast!"

After the account's celebration, went to Oasis for the after party.
Booze, booze and still overflowing booze. 

My camera's battery died so this was the last photo taken.
Gonna grab some photos soon from those who brought their cameras. :)
Wasn't expecting that my camera's battery will drain that fast, maybe due to taking videos of those performances. Was not prepared so I failed to bring spare batteries!

Grabbed photos from the photo booth.

Was able to went home around 1:30AM, i think.
The night was perfect!
I enjoyed the night. 
No bosses for once just us enjoying the party!
What's the next party to look forward to!?:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Revelations, confessions, declarations and admissions

Another unplanned lakad with Kich and Armani.

Planned to drink at Tides, but due to foreseen and expected crowded place, we chose to stay at Sangkalan. 

Waited for Armani's shift to end until 1:30AM then off we go.

Revelations, confessions, declarations and admissions.

You need to know who to trust before you blurt it all out or spill the bean.

It's funny how you can talk to them all night, laugh with the same silly mistakes or issues and tease someone for what they're doing wrong without someone being offended.

Nice to have friends like them.

After sangkalan, we went to McDonald's Panay to have our breakfast around 6:00AM.

Arbie's Birthday

Celebrated Arbie's birthday last 2 Sept 2011 at Oasis.

I forgot his age, I think 22 or 23? Not sure.

Deck, Mik, Arbie and Arjay.

Kich, April and me

Deck with Armani.

Their shift ended at 11:00PM, my shift ended at 12:30AM and Armani's shift ended at 1:30AM, went home around 4:30AM.

Another epic night!:)

Celebrated 2 things, Arbie's birthday and Deck's fatherhood! HOORAY!

Happy Birthday Arbie!:)
Welcome to fatherhood Deck!:)