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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alternative studded bag

Found an alternative for the bag that I've been wanting to have!

I post a blog about this bag, but unfortunately due to its location, I can't get one.

Bag is from this site -> HERE

Found out about that bag about 2weeks now I think.
Then today, when I was browsing Keiko Lynn's Blog, I found this in one of her photos.
At first I thought they were the same, but at the end of her blog, she mentioned where she got all the items she wore! So hell yeah!;)

Here's a photo of her with the bag!:) yehey for her bag and shoes! Or I might say, whole outfit!
Check her blog, I think she post every outfit she wore and they're all nice and pretty!

The bag is from this site -> HERE
It cost $54.99, unfortunately, when I checked their site, the bag is currently SOLD OUT, I don't know if they're going to restock soon. Oh well, I hope they will.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bye-bye Renz.

My dear friend, Renz, is leaving this coming Saturday (July 24, 2010), he held his despedida party last Saturday (July 17, 2010). We (literally almost all of his friends) weren't able to attend his party as it was held at his place in Paranaque. So we decided to have lunch at greenhills this afternoon to compensate for not attending his party.

We ate at Shakey's Restaurant and ordered that monster whatever in there Menu. I like their waitress who specifically assisted us as she was funny and lively(?). She used to say "TAMA" with the accent! I like her!:)

Afterwards, we want to watch a movie, sadly, all of us were broke! so we chose to buy a DVD instead of watching a movie.
In the midst of looking for a stall selling DVDs, we ended up at the toy section of greenhills.

I like juggernaut that's why I took a photo of it!

Then my friend bought a Legolas Figurine.

We on the other hand, ended up taking pictures!
that's me, laura, renz and gladys (sitting).
I'm wearing my cross and eiffel tower necklace.
Then I bought another cross necklace at GirlShoppe worth P60!

all girls! gladys, me, gellie and laura.
On our way out, I saw this life-size spiderman in one store.
I like spiderman!:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

cellphone charms

Sample cellphone charms I made last year. I stopped making one because I can't think of any designs.:) I made a bunch last year for my groupmates.

My materials! New items soon! I need more!

My sister's voodoo doll necklace. I made the chain, she sewed the voodoo doll.

closer look of the voodoo doll.
It says 'ANDIE'.

When worn. I'm wearing my batch shirt.

DIY layered cross and eiffel tower necklace

My mom's vintage cross necklace. I'm going to use the pendant only, as I don't want that beaded necklace.

Close-up image of the pendant! pretty!:) anyway, my mom's favorite color was red.
She loves color red! still more pendants for me to work on!

Can't work on the next necklace as I still need more materials. I have a few, but I used it before for making cellphone charms. Will try to upload some next time.:)

Changed the black beads to this chain. I like this one better.

Ok, next is the eiffel tower necklace.

I don't know if I can still call this a DIY, as I bought this eiffel tower necklace at 168 mall for 50bucks!

Original design of this necklace has a 3hearts at the bottom of the tower.

That's the original look of the necklace. It has 3 hearts at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

I love Eiffel Tower. I haven't seen it yet, but SOON I will! I have an Eiffel Tower earrings, and a cellphone charm.

That's my cellphone charm and earrings.
The cellphone charm was accidentally found by Carl Manzano at Toy Kingdom Megamall. It was lost by some other customers I think, and so knowing that I love eiffel tower, He immediately picked it up and kept it in his pocket.

Here's the next necklace that I'm planning to remake.

This necklace is from Forever21. I've found it on their site, and I was like, I can make this one!! I have the same cross pendant since highschool! I just need those chains!!:)

I'm excited for this one!
But I still need to look for my cross necklace! It's been missing since last week! I need to look for it!:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

Today is my Mom's birthday.
July 15, 2010

I totally don't know what year she was born. Hence, I don't know how old she was supposed to be today.

My mom died 6years ago (3rd of May 2004). So we've been celebrating her birthday without her for 6years now. 

How I miss my mom so much!

Here are some photos of my mom. The portrait was made by my dad years ago, I don't think I'm already alive when that portrait was made. The photo at the right was my mom wearing her office uniform. She used to worked at GSIS. And the left photo was taken a year ago before she passed away. See the difference between the right and left photo? How she gained weight.

My mother was diagnosed with Colon CA Stage IV. She was confined at St. Luke's Medical Center for 3-4months.

My brother's friend bought her some flowers.

Happy birthday ma!
I always love you and I miss you so much!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My new camera

I bought a new camera last week.

It's a FUJIFILM S1600

This are from dbgadgets from multiply.

He sells almost every gadgets there is!:)

Also at a very cheap price.

Visit his site as you might want to order something too.:)

I ordered last June 30, 2010 (Wednesday) and I got it last July 5, 2010 (Monday).

He said items will arrive after a week, but to my surprise it arrives earlier than expected! yahoo!:D

I also have a tumblr account; hence, the watermark on the photos.

I sold my CANON EOS 350D and bought this new one.

Why I sell my DSLR in exchange for an ordinary digital camera?
simple, it's less bulky and more convenient.

They don't have a Li-On battery unlike other digital cameras, instead they use AA batteries.
So I bought a rechargeable batteries and a spare 4pcs. AA batteries.

xo, sandracarino


I want this pair and the bag!

I found the studded bag and the lace-up heels at this site:

I know I can order them online, but unfortunately I don't have a paypal account, so a pre-order or an online seller here in the Philippines will definitely do.

Please help me have this lovely pairs and that gorgeous bag that I really want!



Friday, July 9, 2010

IELTS results

Look, It's my IELTS results. yehey!! Checked it online dahil sabi nila results will be available 13days after the exam at their site. So pagkagising na pagkagising ko, open agad ng laptop, and poof! I got my results!:D

for listening and reading ko, yehey! I got an amazing 8.5 band score. and for writing and speaking, 6.5;D Maybe to some 6.5 is not high enough or good enough, but hell yeah, 6.5 is exactly what I need! Sa St. Patrick's College kasi in London, they require nga diba IELTS, for Postgraduate course na kukunin ko, they need an OBS (Overall Band Score) of 6.5 with no more than one individual IELTS discipline score to be less than 6.0, so pasok pa ko!:D yehey! ang pproblemahin or iisipin ko na lang is yung Show money ko.:D yehey!!

Eto pala yung equivalent ng scores.
Sobrang saya lang!:D thank you Lord!:D Thank you din sa mga nagpray sakin!:)