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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things change. People leave. Feelings fade.

"They tell me I'm stupid for liking you despite all.
They tell me I'm naive for being blinded with what's in front of me.
They tell me I'm numb for all the things you've done.
They tell me I'm crazy for choosing you over them.
They tell me I'm dumb for still wanting you.
But I tell them, I want you and the hell I care."

Composed or created this one like months ago.
Looking back to it, yes, I still miss you, but not like before!
And I'm happy because I can say that I miss you without me crying at all.
Things change. People leave. Feelings fade.:)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Am I ready to leave this industry and go back to my profession?

Hard decision I need to make.

Been working on a BPO company for almost a year now.
I graduated last 2009, got my license the same year. 
And now what!? It's been 2 years and I don't have any formal training or practice with regards to  my profession.

Initial plan after passing the board exam was to have my training at Baguio. Then sudden things happened, so next plan was to continue my nursing career at London.

Currently enrolled at one of the schools at London, but due to unforeseen and unexpected things that happened, the plan was delayed.

Papers, documents and tuition fee still hanging on the brink of whatnot!? I literally don't know what's there for me to look forward to. I honestly still want to continue my nursing career abroad (hello? who wants to stay here with all those countless unemployed nurses).

So yeah, in the meantime, the next plan of action that they have for me are:
1st: Quit my current job and practice my profession.
2nd: Wait and see what will happen to my London application
3rd: If by next year i'm still here and after my sis graduated, I'll be back in school, studying accountancy.

Great future plans ahead of me!

I honestly want to continue my nursing career, I spent 4 years to graduate from that profession and took my license. It's such a waste if I will not continue or pursue that path.

Oh gawd, I don't know!

Coz I'm stuck here at home

It's my OFF and i'm stuck here at home for 3 reasons.

Coz my sister have no classes today

So yeah, I prefer staying at home if my sister doesn't have classes so I can make kulit with her.

What we did the whole day, watched a movie, eat, eat and literally eat more!

Since we're both broke, we save 100 bucks each for our snacks.
Went to savemore to buy some chips so we have something to eat while watching a movie.

Like what I said earlier, I'M BROKE

Since I have 3 lakads with my friends earlier this week, hence that's why I'm broke.

As I also need to pay the bills.

So instead of going out again, I stay home as I LITERALLY need to save the remaining amount of money left on my wallet until my next pay out (which is this Thursday).


How healthy I can be!! 3 consecutive OFFs that I'm sick!
Cough and Colds. Dysmenorrhea, Hyperacidity and Migraine.
How lucky am I!?

Hell yeah needs to rest.

Long weekend for students or for some.
Ordinary weekends - slash - rest days for me.
As I thought of it, I have 4 reasons pala.:)

It's raining hard!

Hence, bed weather. Literally wants to stay all day at bed, have someone to cuddle with (asa!), and have a cup of hot coffee.

How nice can it be!?♥♥♥

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is it too late for my birthday blog?!:)


Is it too late to post my birthday blog!?:)

I'm in the mood to update my blog. so hell yeah!
And since someone reminded me of my birthday.

Celebrated my birthday at TIDES (near ABS-CBN) with my workmates.
Basically, it's a salubong, since my shift ended at exactly 11PM.

Ofcourse, my BRATZ will always be there.

My workmates.

So happen that Jape and Paul was at Tides too.:)

A cheers to a good life!:)

 Tides crew greeted me as well. :)

Goodbye 22, and hello 23!
Basically, my age is increasing but I don't look old!:)
Cheers to that!


I may not be that strong enough to happily look back and say I'm okay.
I may not have that courage to say that everything will be fine.
I may not find that strength to tell everyone that I'm happy for you.
But I'm honest and certain that I will learn how to accept things as it is.
I'm happy as for what things has brought us.
It may not be my happy fairy tale ending, but it surely taught us everything.
I don't regret meeting you, coz at one point. I knew it's what I wanted.
I'm not gonnna deny the fact that I still want you, but I need to let things go now.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Playing with Armani's ipad

Since I'm on kindle split (which means less calls compare to retail), I borrowed Armani's ipad and played with it.
Me and arbie

Screenshot for the photobooth was AWESOME!
ALL in ONE shot!:)


woooh. when did I last checked this.

Been a year since I last posted here.
Been busy for that past year, I guess.
I miss blogging, just thinking and writing.
Hopefully, i can update this blog.:)